Best Practices for SharePoint Cultural Change Management – From the SharePoint Consulting Trenches

Posted by EPC Group on Nov.11, 2011 1:09 pm


It is not unusual for those implementing SharePoint 2010 to experience a fair amount of change and conflict as part of their deployment process. Other than e-mail, no other product that you will implement will have as wide or personal “touch and feel” as SharePoint 2010 if you intend to implement this product in a wide, deep, and pervasive way. When SharePoint Server 2010 is implemented in your environment, you’re not just implementing a simple document management or Web-based collaboration solution. You’re implementing change; Culture change. Business process change and Information management change. Usually, when change happens within an organization, power balances get shifted and conflicts can ensue. Read More

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Posted by EPC Group on Mar.14, 2015 8:30 am


EPC Group delivers the critical expertise needed to modernize and transform your organization’s technology. EPC Group’s experts utilize proven and tested strategies that help our clients upgrade, migrate and refresh their IT infrastructure and applications. Organizations across industries currently run older versions of technology, unable to experience the benefits, enhancements and features from the latest releases and updated platform versions.

EPC Group’s experts provide technical expertise and best practices to help you quickly implement, migrate and upgrade while reducing risk and most importantly accelerating adoption of technologies.  By upgrading and migrating your technology, the additional functionality will improve your business processes while delivering information quickly and provide stakeholders with the business intelligence and insight needed.

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