Office 365, SharePoint Online and My Data

Posted by EPC Group on Jan.18, 2015 5:30 pm

Overview of Office 365, SharePoint Online and My Data

A major area of concern about Office 365 is the lack of understanding about how and where the data itself is stored and what proactive measures are being taken to ensure that your data is safe.

As part of our research and our ongoing consulting efforts at EPC Group in relation to Microsoft SharePoint 2013and Office 365, we were able to take a tour of an Office 365 data center/facility and hear firsthand from Microsoft some of the steps they are taking to help customers feel at ease about their data.

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What Defines “Office 365 Hybrid” – A Deep-dive from EPC Group

Posted by EPC Group on Jan.20, 2015 6:09 am

Office 365 Hybrid – A Deep-dive from EPC Group

The project stakeholders within IT may have a total understanding of the Office 365 offering but the organization’s legal and compliance stakeholders may still be unclear or hesitant because of the similar naming of products and their past understanding of SharePoint.

There are terms that can be very “down in the technical weeds,” such as Reverse Proxy and SSO or MSOL Tools, that can quickly sidetrack the conversation.

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